• The academic year for the school includes two terms and extends between June to April of the following calendar year .

  • Our school admission ensures and promotes equality and fair access to all.

    Lower Kindergarten:

    • Students are registered with the school upon completion of 2 years of age (by August 31st of the current year).

    • Parents / legal guardians of the child need to be present to complete the registration formalities with the school.

    • Registration Forms are available in the primary school office.

    Dates for registration: July 1st – July 15th of every academic year between 9.30 am – 12pm on school working days.

    • Venue:

    • Registrations are currently on for LKG 2018 and LKG 2019.

    Documentation (to be submitted along with the Registration Form)

    • Birth Certificate: original and a photocopy

    • If mother / sister is an ex-student of the school, a photocopy of the school leaving certificate

    • If child is adopted, a photocopy of the adoption certificate

    • Rs. ,,,,,,/- (one thousand only) in cash as Registration Fees

    • A photocopy of the Aadhar card. It is mandatory for the student to have an Aadhar card.

    HKG – Std. VIII

    • Letters/queries regarding admissions may be posted to the school address or deposited in the school ‘Drop Box’ located at the front security desk.

    • The envelope should be labelled ‘PRIMARY’ (applications for Std. HKG – IV) or ‘SECONDARY’ (applications for Std. V – VIII).

    • Cover letter from parents

    • Child’s date of birth

    • Class / Std. to which admission is sought

    • Date of application

    • Residential Address / Telephone numbers / Email addresses

    • Latest school reports (last 3 years, if applicable)