The AVM Story

The AVM School has continuously progressed over its 80 years of existence and will continue to do so . What has remained the same however is the commitment to an overall development in the educational and non-educational system for student.

In 1905, a family owned business ventured into manufacturing of textiles and a composite textile mill named “Sajjan Mills Ltd.” was established in Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh). It became one of the largest textile mills in central India during 1960’s and employed over 3000 people. A township was developed around the mill which consisted of schools, hospitals, residences and a temple.

Late Smt. Mishri Devi wife of Late Shri. Umrao Singh Gupta, laid the foundation for this prestigious school – Agrawal Vidhya Mandir. It was her vision to impart education and provide a holistic development for each and every child. It was for this purpose that a trust was also setup.

In the year 1936, this educational institution was known as the Sajjan Mill School and comprised of primary and secondary education. In the year 1980, the school was renamed as Agrawal Vidhya Mandir Higher Secondary School.

Over the years under the able guidance and leadership of visionary principles, supported by a committee and dedicated staff, AVM has flourished and established as highly reputable educational institution and will always maintain its excellency in education.