The AVM Advantage

As one of the oldest education institutions in Ratlam, Madya Pradesh, AVM has a strong foundation based on decades of experience and practice which is constantly evolving with time to form the ideal base for an educational system.

At AVM the students have an advantage of an education that not only sharpens there mind and intelligence but also helps them determine truth and untruth through education. The aim of AVM is to create an atmosphere that enhances all kinds of learning and various learning styles so that each students can find their own light which is also our school motto moving towards light from darkness.

This will help them to undertake and shine in whichever career path they choose in the future. Students at AVM are strong enough to voice their opinion yet have the humility to respect others perspective. We hope the students who graduate from AVM are fearless, have a strong sense of self that will help them make a significant difference to the community they live and engage in.